Császár után hüvelyi szülés: édesanyák meséltek, akik örülnek, hogy bevállalták

In Cambodia, if you're a man, being present at the birth of your children is widely frowned upon. As both the prospective father, and a camera wielding photo-journalist, attending and documenting the birth of my son was a challenge to say the least. On 26th December 2014 at 8.00pm my partner of nearly nine years alerted me that her waters had broken. She started to have her first contractions, but we were advised to stay home, get some food and rest, and wait it out till night changed into morning. By 7.00am, after a sleepless night, the intensity of Madeline's contractions reached a peak every 10 minutes; it was time to leave. Descending 7 flights of stairs, from our apartment in Phnom Penh, we hailed a remork (tuk tuk) to take us across the city, on a journey that would change our lives forever. As is common in the capital city, the driver said yes he knew wher (Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Zsanett egy, Noémi pedig két császármetszés után szült egészséges babát hüvelyi úton, és mindketten örülnek, hogy kitartottak az elhatározásuk mellett.

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